Awakening Alpha: Private Men's Intensive

Spend a weekend developing a consistent contemplative practice, cultivating health and sensitivity, and clearing the barriers that obstruct a man from experiencing deep intimacy. Meditation Instructor Mike Holt, who presented a talk at our January 21st Assembly, along with two other experienced mindfulness practitioners lead a two-day intensive that transcends words. 

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“As long as we are frightened of life we shall be frightened of death. The man who is not frightened of life is not frightened of being completely insecure; for he understands that inwardly, there is no security. The man who lives without conflict, who lives with beauty and love, is not frightened of death, because to love is to die.”
- J. Krishnamurti

The wise ones say awakening is like falling, and falling is scary. But soon you realize there is no ground – and you make peace with falling.

All that arises, passes. Nothing lasts. Investigate this truth for yourself.

No worldly achievement will bring your freedom.

No relationship will be endlessly fulfilling.

No resolution will bring lasting peace.

There is no solid ground for you to stand on.

Our only real choice in this life is whether we cling to the illusion of permanence and ignore the inevitability of our death, or we recklessly make love with the impermanence of the moment and march toward our death bravely.

To love things exactly as they are, is to relinquish a self that needs things to change – and so, as Krishnamurti so eloquently says, to love is to die.

This path is not for the weak.

Come. Learn to die before you die.
discounted registration ends January 31, 2018.
March 24, 2018 at 10am - 1pm
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Mike Holt ·

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