Private SALA JPL Tour

Joey Jefferson and Assemblers at Cassini mission control board

Anyone want to come along on a private SALA tour of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories?

Joey Jefferson, who helped crash that Cassini craft into that planet and told us about it that time, wants to arrange another private tour of JPL for SALAmanders! 

It's one of those perks of knowing lots of fancy space science speakers.

He just needs the first and last name, and you must be a citizen or permanent resident. It's important that your first and last name matches your government issued photo-ID, which you must present at security on the day of the tour. 

We're going to open this up to SALA members first. The first 9 people to RSVP who are currently signed up for monthly memberships with SALA can pre-register. After April 8th, we'll open up any remaining spots to non-members. To be clear: Anyone can RSVP at any time, but SALA monthly members will be given priority until after April 8. 

RSVPs beyond the first 9 people will be wait-listed. (Please note that not RSVPs show publicly on the website. If you are on the tour, we will contact you directly via the email you've provided.)

If you didn't make it in this time, not to worry! We will be hosting more tours of JPL, as long as they keep inviting us :) We've hosted quite a few featured speakers from NASA, with more to come!

Thanks, and enjoy!

April 27, 2018 at 1pm - 3pm
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Amy Boyle · · 2138048629
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Will you come?