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    Screening: "Leaving My Father's Faith" featuring Tony and Bart Campolo

    Leaving My Father's Faith

    Join fellow Assemblers at a special screening of the documentary "Leaving My Father's Faith" featuring Bart and Tony Campolo. We will be joined by the executive producer Matt Dean. The film explores Humanism and Christianity and how Bart Campolo left the faith after years of working in the Christian Ministry. The film is a respectful look at both sides of this issue as father and son attempt to reconcile their differences. Tickets must be bought in advance at .

    We'll meet up outside Laemmle's Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills before the 7:30 screening and find our seats together. Limited free street parking is available, and two nearby paid lots have a flat fee of $5 (140 South Doheny Drive and 135 South Doheny Drive). See you there!

    March 07, 2018 at 7:30pm
    Laemmle's Music Hall 3
    9036 Wilshire Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    United States
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    Personal Stories

    What is “Trying Our Best?”

    "Trying Our Best" is a short segment (usually 3–5 minutes) during which one of our Assemblers shares a personal story. It doesn't have to be a story about winning or knowing the answers or even trying the hardest. It's just about reminding each other that we're all trying the best we can.

    This tradition actually started in London as "Pippa is Doing Her Best," during which Sunday Assembly Co-Founder Pippa Evans would tell stories about how she tried to do something kind or well, and (usually) it backfired. 

    We'd love to hear about what caused you to be inspired, challenged, uplifted, grateful--or anything else that helped you to Live Better, Help Often or Wonder More. If you're interested in sharing a personal story as part of "Trying Our Best," check out these guidelines and sign up below:

    • Time frame: 3-5 minutes.
    • Most good stories involve a conflict or challenge. When was a time you felt challenged, overwhelmed or confused? What did you do (successful or not) to address that challenge? How did that experience teach or change you?
    • Keep it personal ... please share something about yourself, or something that happened to you directly.
    • Have one overall message or key point. Keep in mind how you want others to feel at the end of the story. Inspired? Grateful? Amused? ... something else?
    • Shouldn't require any visual aids (i.e., shouldn't need the projector).
    • Stories need not address atheism or religion. If that's part of your story, then by all means include it, but keep in mind Sunday Assembly's values of avoiding ridicule or snark at others' expense. 
    • Do not promote products, businesses, candidates or charities. If you're doing something positive for the community, we support you! But personal stories that come off as self promotion aren't very engaging for the audience. 
    • If your story ties into the theme for that month, that's a bonus!
    • Amateurs are welcome! ... and professionals, too! Don't fret if you don't have a lot of experience speaking in front of a group.
    • Just share from your heart, bring up a few notes with you (if needed), and try your best.

    Please feel free to contact us with questions:


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    Sustaining Memberships

    Sunday Assembly Los Angeles is volunteer driven and donor supported. Your recurring monthly donation is tremendously important in keeping Sunday Assembly thriving. Memberships renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

    One-time Donations

    If you prefer to make a one-time donation, please meet us over at the Donate page.

    Having Problems?

    You can also send money via to



    Please email with any questions.



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    Get Involved!

    Volunteers are the foundation of Sunday Assembly Los Angeles; we believe we can do big things when we work together. Join us for service projects that maintain a high standard of pro-science, secular humanist values—improving the lives of people while protecting animals and the environment. Join your fellow assembly members for group activities here.

    Submit a proposal for a talk, consider leading singalongs to well loved covers as a guest musical performance, or share a reading, a comic set or other creative work. Or join the Sunday Assembly Core volunteers who keep Assemblies running month after month. 

    SALA can't offer financial compensation for performers, but we love to support our artists! We film every Assembly and provide an edited multi-camera video for all on-stage guests. We are happy to sell CDs or books on behalf of that month's musician or speaker from our *merch table, we promote what you're up to to our community via social media, and we love to organize groups to come out to your future performances and events. 

    *At our current venue, the city does not permit sales so this practice is temporarily suspended. We're happy to help you sell at lunch afterwards!

    Musical Talent

    Want to music at Sunday Assembly? Sign up here!

    Short Performance

    Have a poem, reading, original song, dance or a bit of comedy you'd like to perform? Sign up here!


    Engage the Assembly to wonder more by sharing your expertise on some fascinating subject! Sign up here!

    Share a Personal Story

    Share a personal story (success, failure or otherwise) to inspire others! We're all just doing our bestSign up here!

    Sunday Assembly Core

    Help with the many tasks before, during and after, that go into make each Assembly as success.

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    Sunday Assembly Los Angeles is 100% volunteer run and volunteer funded. Your $5, $10, $20 or $30 (or more!) donation is tremendously important in sustaining and growing Sunday Assembly in the greater Los Angeles area. 

    Recurring Donations

    If you prefer to make a recurring donation, please meet us over at the Sustaining Memberships page.

    Having Problems?

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Graduate from UCF film school. Filmmaker, science & tech enthusiast, secular humanist.
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