Skeptic Society Conference at Caltech


The Skeptic Society Conference, May 29-31, 2015 at Caltech


The future of the universe, the solar system, and the earth and its resources, the fate of civilizations and the nation-state, changing economic systems, the expanding moral sphere and progress or regress in morality, what language humans will speak, what race (if any) humans will be, the changing nature of gender roles, the future of religion, conflicts, and wars, how we can (or if we should) colonize the solar system and galaxy, and how humanity can become a Type I, Type II, or even a Type III civilization.


Confirmed speakers 

Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, Lawrence Krauss, Esther Dyson, John McWhorter, Ian Morris, Carol Tavris, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Michael Shermer, and Donald Prothero.

FRIDAY MAY 29, 2015 
  • Friday Evening 6:00pm to 10:00pm dinner party (and cash bar) with speakers and magician at The Westin Pasadena
  • 7:00–8:30: Registration, continental breakfast, book table 
  • 8:30–9:00: Donald Prothero, on the Future of Life on Earth 
  • 9:00–9:30: Ian Morris, on the Future of War & Human Values
  • 9:30–10:00: Jared Diamond, on Mistakes Made by People and Nations that Hurt Their Futures
  • 10:00–10:30: Coffee Break
  • 10:30–11:00: Carol Tavris, on the Future of Gender, Race & Human Nature
  • 11:00–11:30: John McWhorter, on the Future of Language & Culture 
  • 11:30–12:00: Panel discussion with morning speakers
  • 12:00–12:30: Audience Q&A with morning speakers 
  • 12:30–1:30: Lunch (catered at Caltech), book signing with speakers
  • 1:30–2:15: Richard Dawkins & Michael Shermer in Conversation: The Future of Religion & Morality
  • 2:15–2:45: Esther Dyson, on the Future of Human Health & Longevity
  • 2:45–3:15: Lawrence Krauss, on the Future of Fundamental Science & the Long Term Future of Life
  • 3:15–3:45: Coffee break
  • 3:45–4:15: David Brin, on the Future of Privacy, Security & Liberty
  • 4:15–4:45: Gregory Benford, on the Future of Space Travel & Colonization
  • 4:45–5:15: Mathemagics with Art Benjamin and the Future of Math
  • 5:15–5:45: Panel discussion with afternoon speakers
  • 5:45–6:15: Audience Q&A with afternoon speakers
  • 6:15–8:00: Dinner (catered at Caltech), book signing with speakers
  • 8:00–9:30: Musical entertainment with Frankie Moreno
SUNDAY MAY 30, 2015 
  • 9:00 am–5:00pm: San Gabriel Mountains and the San Andreas fault geology tour 
  • 10:00am–2:00pm: Mt. Wilson Observatory tour 
  • 6:00pm–10:00pm: Private Fundraising Dinner with Richard Dawkins at the Shermers’ home. This private dinner is a fundraiser for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and the cost is tax-deductible.
May 29, 2015 at 6pm - June 01, 2015
Beckman Auditorium, California Institute of Technology
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