SPY LA Homeless Youth Count

Camera is aimed down at two mismatched teen-sized sneakers on a grassy ground
January 22-31, Safe Place for Youth will participate in the Greater LA Homeless Count, one of our city's opportunity to gather as much information as possible about those experiencing homelessness so that we can make informed decisions and generate creative solutions. This is a great chance for SALA volunteers to get involved! We've hosted many clothing and item drives for SPY in the past, and now that we have a presence on the Westside, we hope to work more closely with this group and the youth they serve.
The Youth Count is 1 of the 5 major components of the greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. It provides a snapshot of how many unaccompanied minors and Transition Age Youth (age 18-24) are experiencing homelessness on any given night throughout Los Angeles County. This year, the Youth Count will take place from January 22-31st and we will be conducting surveys at SPY in Venice on Tuesday January 23rd.
Tuesday, January 23d is of particular importance, as they will be focusing our efforts on surveying a large portion of the Westside on this day. Surveys will be conducted throughout the entire 10 days so if you are not available on the 23rd, you can still participate on any of the other nine days!

You can volunteer in one of the following capacities:

  • Surveyor - conduct the demographic survey during the Youth Count, requires a mandatory online training available soon
  • Transporter - driving Survey Teams from Safe Place for Youth or Daniel's Place to pre-determined census tracts
  • Assistant - provide general support to Survey Teams, assisting with logistics and supporting deployment, limited space available
Surveyors must complete the following 20 minute online training ahead of the event:


Surveyor training:

  • This is for everyone who would like to participate as a surveyor for Street Survey Teams
  • Watch the video (link above and here) in its entirety
  • Complete the short form once finished viewing (link is also in the video description of the Surveyor Training)
  • All surveyors must complete this training


If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, you follow this link or email elys@safeplaceforyouth.org. Under the last question, "Are there other volunteers you'd like to be matched with in your group?" please write in Sunday Assembly to make sure we are stationed together. SALA is volunteering Tuesday January 23rd ("Blitz Day") 10-2 and Sunday January 28 (times flexible, let us know when you're available).



We hope to see you there!

January 23, 2018 at 10am - 2pm
Safe Place for Youth
Amy Boyle · · 2138048629
Amy Boyle @ianbdodd

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