Spider-Man: No Way Home

Isn’t the new Spider-Man opening soon? Why yes. Yes it is. This week. And from what I hear all of the spidery everything from all universes is collapsing into one Strange clusterfudge. Does Andrew Garfield get a redo on saving Gwen/Zendaya? Who knows. It’s Phase 4 madness!

Come watch No Way Home with Unofficial SALA Movie Club on Sun 12/19 6:00pm @Westfield AMC Century City 15 to find out. We’ve got most of row G and some of row H so far. Post your ticket # in the SALA Forum event thread to rsvp and we’ll see you there. Also keep checking that thread for updates and possible food nearby before the movie.

December 19, 2021 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Westfield AMC Century City 15
Todd ·

Will you come?