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  • November 9th Sunday Assembly


    On Nov. 9, we will be celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of Sunday Assembly-Los Angeles by doing a little looking back at all that we've accomplished and some looking forward to our next year.

    Founders and co-directors Amy Boyle & Ian Dodd will be our co-hosts for this celebration.

    We should have confirmation in the next day or so about a certain humanist rock/blues band who've played a couple of Assemblies for us already who will be back again.  But don't expect them to play the traditional "Happy Birthday" song. . .

    Fun factoid: the words 'religion' and 'ligament' share a common Latin root.  Religiare originally meant "that which binds us together" like a ligament binds the bones of our skeleton.  Many traditional religions have their "smells and bells", the shared shorthand of rituals and traditions where meaning can be conveyed with few or no words that binds their members together.  What do secular communities, especially brand new ones like Sunday Assembly, have that can bind us together?  What role can ritual play in building our community?  Can we consciously create rituals that will carry meaning for us?  On the day we celebrate the year since we launched (because marking milestones is a common ritual), we explore creating ritual in a community not bound by belief.

    And if you've been waiting to splurge on a new Sunday Assembly T-shirt, this will be the day to buy yourself a little birthday present as we roll out some fresh new designs and styles.  Come check them out at the merchandise table.

     If you would like to lend a hand as a volunteer for our birthday celebration, simply...

                 CLICK HERE