Service Projects

Help Often. That's our middle name. If you're looking for a place to connect with your fellow Assemblers and do some good for the community, you've come to the right place!

If you're looking to get involved with the Sunday Assembly community itself, please email Or stop by the Social section to RSVP for events or propose a meet-up of your very own.

SALA service events aim to do good in our communities while cultivating a culture of service among attendees of Sunday Assembly LA. While live, in-person events whose purpose is fundraising for a charitable cause are welcome, event listings containing a direct link to contribute funds to outside organizations will not be approved. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Lead an AI Workshop!

    Lead a hands-on AI workshop with a small group of other Assemblers at a LA branch library. Watch the video below, connect with your group to review the workshop material, choose a time and library branch and then get to work inspiring kids!

    How to Lead an AI Workshop

    (February 23 is just a sample date. You and your group will decide on a Saturday morning or afternoon that works for you and LA Makerspace will connect you to a branch library near you.)

    Want to make a different workshop? Contact us about working with LA Makerspace makers to develop new, thought-provoking workshop content!


    About LA Makerspace, a project of Two Bit Circus

    The “Maker” education style is a project-based and confidence-building way to learn challenging concepts. These kinds of skills transfer well to 21st century jobs, because Maker projects unlock innovative abilities! All people have unique talent and different ways of thinking and visualizing solutions from others. LA Makerspace is a way to celebrate this together as a community.​

    We are currently working in primary partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library System and County of Los Angeles Library (160 branches total). Our curriculum for library staffers and volunteer trainers enables them to become Makerspace leaders too—we are “making more makers.”

  • Westside Mental Health Peer Group


    Dealing with mental health issues? Need a support group to talk to? This is the one! The Westside Mental Health Peer Group was born out of a Trying our Best by our Community Organizer who has long dealt with depression and found a peer support group very helpful in the past. 


    This event is NOT to replace therapy, Doctor's care or medication. No advice will be given, as none of us are licensed to do so. This is friends getting together to share their common plight in a safe space, and have fun while doing it.