Service Projects

Help Often. That's our middle name. If you're looking for a place to connect with your fellow Assemblers and do some good for the community, you've come to the right place!

If you're looking to get involved with the Sunday Assembly community itself, please email Or stop by the Social section to RSVP for events or propose a meet-up of your very own.

SALA service events aim to do good in our communities while cultivating a culture of service among attendees of Sunday Assembly LA. While live, in-person events whose purpose is fundraising for a charitable cause are welcome, event listings containing a direct link to contribute funds to outside organizations will not be approved. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Westside Mental Health Peer Group


    Dealing with mental health issues? Need a support group to talk to? This is the one! The Westside Mental Health Peer Group was born out of a Trying our Best by our Community Organizer who has long dealt with depression and found a peer support group very helpful in the past. 


    This event is NOT to replace therapy, Doctor's care or medication. No advice will be given, as none of us are licensed to do so. This is friends getting together to share their common plight in a safe space, and have fun while doing it. 

  • Friends of LA River

    Compton Creek is a major tributary of the LA River, in fact the last major tributary before the River ends her 51-mile journey at the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach. Situated in what used to be the LA River floodplain, Compton Creek was historically characterized by freshwater marshes, willow and cottonwood trees. Today, most of the 8.5-mile creek is channelized, save for the lower 3 miles of earthen bottom, where you're likely to see stilts, killdeer, and mallards, and perhaps even a heron! Join Sunday Assembly as we help clean up this beautiful habitat! 


    Directions + Parking:
    Bike: Take the LARIO Trail and Bike Path and exit at Del Amo Blvd. Go west on Del Amo.
    Transit: Unfortunately you are unable to reach this site via the Metro Blue line due a closure of the southern portion of the line.
    Driving: Exit the 710 Fwy at Del Amo Blvd. Head west on Del Amo.
    Parking: Parking available in the south end of the Del Amo Metro Station parking lot.


    You can register for this awesome event here:

    Be sure to select that you are a member of team Sunday Assembly Los Angeles when you register.