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Live Better.

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  • SALA Pub Trivia Team - Westside - February

    Put your useless knowledge to the test!

    Join the Sunday Assembly Pub Trivia Team for a second time in the month in Santa Monica.


    In addition to our roving team that meets on the 1st. We also compete on the third Thursday of the month at The Dudes' Brewing Company in the Santa Monica Place mall.
    Trivia starts at 7:30, but please try to arrive by 7:15 in case we have to divide into multiple teams.
    Look for familiar faces or a shirt with the familiar logo.

    All are welcome. Many think they don't have anything to contribute, but always become valuable members of our team.

  • Saturday Social: Discovery Cube Los Angeles

    Join fellow Assemblers for a kid-friendly Saturday Social at Discover Cube Los Angeles in Sylmar! This 71,000 museum is less than 5 years old, but has already become a top family destination for the greater Los Angeles area. Popular exhibits include "Science of Hockey", "Race to Zero Waste", "Helicopter Tour", and short films in their 3D theater.

    We'll meet up around 10am at the entrance and explore the museum before heading to the outside picnic tables for lunch. For a limited time, children get a free ticket with a paying adult - just use code HOTWHEELSMAR19LA when you order online or on-site. Otherwise, tickets cost $18-13 each. 3D theater tickets are $3 each. Parking and children under 3 are FREE. See you there!

  • Lifeworks Discussion Group - How, Then, Shall We Live?

    Lifeworks is the place where we use our minds to learn how we can life better lives.

    This month we will be discussing How, Then, Shall We Live? Four Simple Questions That Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives by Wayne Muller

    Muller draws on his experience as a therapist and non-profit leader to guide readers through four questions which help us to make meaning in our lives: Who am I? What do I love? How shall I live, knowing I will die? And What is my gift to the family of the Earth?

    Book Cover

    After the discussion we’ll grab dinner in the neighborhood. 

  • Last (Sunday) Supper - Oscars Potluck

    Looking for more opportunity to spend time with all your Sunday Assembly friends? Join us for dinner on the last Sunday of each month. We'll pick different restaurants around the city, or the occasional potluck at someone's house.

    This month...

    The last Sunday is Oscar Sunday, so we're having a potluck while we watch the awards.

    Come dish on this year's nominees. Also bring a dish to share.


    There may be prizes:

    -Best Dressed

    -Best Themed Dish

    -Best Predictions

    -Worst Predictions

    -Most nominated films watched


    *Family Dinner means your SALAmander Family. Families and kids are welcome, but not required.

    We try to get to different parts of town as much as we can, but aren't always familiar with what's in the area. Restaurant Suggestions always welcome. Please leave them in the comments. 

  • Venice Game Night

    Venice Game Night! 

    There's one every month, and it moves around to different days of the week. Please bring a drink or snack to share. 

    Join us for board games, drinks, snacks and good company. We get started around 8:30, but feel free to come later, and we'll get you in a game. We've got an embarrassingly large collection. We're always happen to teach or to learn one of your favorites!

    Street parking is usually plentiful. If you're going to drink, please consider taking a Lyft! Your RSVP helps us plan!

  • SALA Pub Trivia Team - Roving - March

    Put your useless knowledge to the test!

    Join the Sunday Assembly Pub Trivia Team.

    We NORMALLY compete together at bars and pubs throughout the city on the 1st of each month, which allows for different nights of the week, and different locations around town.

    Because there are no Friday options, join us instead on Saturday March 2nd at The Little Bar on Miracle Mile.

    Trivia starts early at 7:30 pm, but please try to arrive by 7:15 in case we have to divide into multiple teams.

    Your RSVP is important as we will likely need to reserve a table.

    Look for familiar faces or a T-shirt or hoodie with a familiar logo. 

    All are welcome. Many think they don't have anything to contribute, but always become valuable members of our team.

  • SFV - Dinner and Discussion

    Meet with fellow Assemblers and other like-minded individuals (Humanists/Agnostics/Atheists/nones, etc.), have dinner, and share your experiences/ideas/concerns of living in today's world. We're always open to new members and persons of widely varying viewpoints. All we mandate is courtesy and respect to fellow attendees, and no proselytizing.

    Group photo from previous event

    Please bring a favorite or "hot" topic to discuss, or any research you have been doing. The Moderator presents a couple of topics throughout the meeting, but the spin-off discussions are always informative and robust! Feel free to post your ideas/questions/concerns in the chat below.

    Food/Drink are optional, but we always like to patronize our host, since they don't charge us for the space. And it’s great "comfort-food" with a full bar, and several on-tap selections.

    Look for us in the restaurant area, not the bar.

    We meet the 1st Monday of each month.

    This event is crossposted with Atheist United.

  • Skeptics' Peña - March

    What's a "peña?" In South America, the term refers to a gathering of like-minded people who get together to talk about some topic with the aid of finger food and wine and spirits (of the alcoholic variety). It's like a salon, but for regular folks.

    This month's topic is TBD

    We will gather to ponder the world, one topic at a time. We will examine debates without debating, exploring our convictions –or lack thereof– and the reasons we have to have them –or to not have them. We will do so in relaxed, friendly setting, keeping in mind what Bertrand Russell is said to have said about beliefs: "I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong." Or, if you prefer, what The Dude said about opinions:

    Feel free to bring food and beverages of your liking.

    The plan is to meet the Wednesday after the Assembly each month, with a new topic.

    Because of limited space at my place, we have to limit the attendance to 10, so please only RSVP if you plan to plan to make it, or cancel if you won't be able to in order to open a spot up for someone else.