Live Better - Sunday Assembly LA Social Events

Live Better. This is the place where we get together to share experiences and build our own community. Looking for a parents group? A recovery group? A parents-recovery group? Want to organize a late-night comedy event or invite Sunday Assemblers to one that already exists? This is your place!

Note: Member-sponsored events need not appeal to every member of our community, but they should be fair, honest, and generally in keeping with secular humanist values. Your event will typically be approved for publication within 24 hours. Approval does not imply Sunday Assembly LA's endorsement of or responsibility for member-sponsored events.

The primary goal of SALA social events is to cultivate a supportive community of like-minded people. While events with a cost for admission or with a secondary purpose of fundraising for a charitable cause are welcome, event listings containing a direct link to contribute funds to outside organizations will not be approved. Thank you for your understanding.

Please plan to attend events you are hosting, and, if your event is at a public event, include a meeting spot or other way to meet up with other Assemblers. 

  • The Great LA Walk

    No one walks in L.A., right?

    How about spending a Saturday walking from Downtown to the Ocean!


    I've done the Great L.A. Walk for the last 6 years, and I'd love for some of my fellow Assemblers to join me.

    This year the walk starts in front of the Japanese American National Museum at 9 a.m. and will proceed down 1st Street to Beverly Blvd, then Santa Monica Blvd to the Ocean. The route this year will be about 17 miles. It's a casual walk at your pace so with plenty of stops for lunch, drinks, window shopping, etc. it usually takes 6-8 hours.


    I'll give my cell number those that RSVP, to meet up on the day. If you can't make it all day, feel free to come for the start and early, or to call me to meet up along the way.


     How walk organizer Michael Schneider describes the event:

    There's no special reason, no charity, no protest, no issue we're promoting -- other than a passion for Los Angeles. In 2006, I organized our walk down Wilshire to mark my 10th anniversary in Los Angeles. But it was so much fun, and it was a chance to meet so many new people, that we did it again in 2007, down Pico; in 2008, via Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd.; and in 2009, we hit West Adams as we walked down Adams and Washington to Venice Beach. In 2010, we returned to Wilshire for the fifth walk; in 2011, we hit Hollywood; in 2012, it was Melrose's turn; and in 2013, it was all about Sunset Boulevard. In 2014 it was a walk through the Valley down Ventura Blvd.

    It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving as well, so somehow I don't feel as bad gorging on sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie a few days later. And hey, it'll be a cool conversation piece at your holiday party.

    For more info on the Great L.A. Walk and its history, check out

  • Venice Game Night 11/24



    We're thankful for friends and games! Whether you're orphaned for the holidays or looking for somewhere to go with all those leftovers, we're here for you. 

    Join us for board games, drinks, snacks and good company. We get started around 8, but feel free to come later, and we'll get you in a game. We've got an embarrassingly large collection. We're always happen to teach or to learn one of your favorites!

    Street parking is usually plentiful. If you're going to drink, please consider taking a Lyft! Your RSVP helps us plan!

  • 4th Sunday Family Dinner - Rooftop Thanksgiving Leftovers Potluck

    Looking for more opportunity to spend time with all your Sunday Assembly friends? Join us for dinner on the 4th Sunday of each month. We'll pick different restaurants around the city, or the occasional potluck at someone's house.


    This month we'll be having a Thanksgiving Leftovers Potluck. Shawn Shih will be hosting on the rooftop of his apartment in Little Tokyo.

    Rooftop View

    Don't cook anything, just bring along leftovers to share.


    P.S. Family Dinner means your SALAmander Family. Families and kids are welcome, but not required.

  • SALA Pub Trivia Team - "December"

    Put your useless knowledge to the test!

    Join the Sunday Assembly Pub Trivia Team.

    We compete together at bars and pubs throughout the city on the 1st of each month, which allows for different nights of the week, and different locations around town.

    Since December 1st is a Friday which has no trivia options we'll be playing on Thursday November 30th at Moore's Delicatessen in Burbank.

    Note the early start time! Trivia starts at 7:00 pm, but please try to arrive by 6:45 as we may have to divide into multiple teams.

    Look for familiar faces or a T-shirt or hoodie with a familiar logo. 

    All are welcome. Many think they don't have anything to contribute, but always become valuable members of our team.

  • SALA Book Club - "Ghettoside"

    This month we're reading Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America by Jill Leovy.

    There’s a statistic that surfaces early in Jill Leovy’s fundamentally important book Ghettoside that should catch your attention: black men compose about 6% of the country’s population, yet they are the victim in nearly 40% of homicides. And who’s killing those black men? The answer is most often other black men. Leovy, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, explores the culture of black violence, specifically in South Central LA, describing a world that seems to exist hermetically sealed off from the rest of the city. With nearly zero mobility and little policing, the people of South Central are left to fend for themselves—further amplifying the devastating drumbeat of gangs and violence. Leovy builds her book around one family’s story: Wally Tennelle, an LA cop, has refused to move his wife and kids out of his Watts neighborhood. Then his youngest son is murdered (unlike most murders in the area, this one was covered by the local media). Through the gathering of evidence, the roundup of suspects, and the trial that ultimately comes to be—all spearheaded by John Skaggs, a very dedicated and capable LA homicide detective—Leovy makes the argument that what places like South Central need is more policing, not less. They need more attention—not debate, finger pointing, and inaction. – Chris Schluep


    We have no theme or topic for what we read. Attendees each nominate a book for next month, and the final selection is made by a poll on our SALA Facebook group.

    We meet the 1st Sunday of each month. This month we'll meet on December 3rd at a new earlier time, 3 pm.

    Aurora will be hosting at a Coffee Shop near her home in East LA. We'll get it posted a few days ahead of the event.

  • Skeptics' Peña - December

    What's a "peña?" In South America, the term refers to a gathering of like-minded people who get together to talk about some topic with the aid of finger food and wine and spirits (of the alcoholic variety). It's like a salon, but for regular folks.

    The topic this month is TBD.

    We will gather to ponder the world, one topic at a time. We will examine debates without debating, exploring our convictions –or lack thereof– and the reasons we have to have them –or to not have them. We will do so in relaxed, friendly setting, keeping in mind what Bertrand Russell is said to have said about beliefs: "I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong." Or, if you prefer, what The Dude said about opinions:

    Feel free to bring food and beverages of your liking.

    The plan is to meet the Wednesday after the Assembly each month, with a new topic.

    Because of limited space at my place, we have to limit the attendance to 10, so please only RSVP if you plan to plan to make it, or cancel if you won't be able to in order to open a spot up for someone else.