October 9th Sunday Assembly


After Life: Making Choices about End of Life

Joe Barnes,

Outreach Manager for Compassion & Choices CA

 It's a fact of this one incredible life we have that it is finite, and it falls to the living to contemplate mortality and loss, support each other through grief and, at times, make difficult and compassionate choices about how we and our loved ones face that end.

On June 9th 2016 the California End of Life Option Act went into effect, authorizing medical aid in dying for the almost 40 million people who call California home. Come learn more about this new option, who it's for, and how the Compassion & Choices Access Campaign is helping to ensure equitable access to patient center end of life care for all Californians. Joe Barnes is an experienced political organizer and was instrumental in organizing the effort to get this law passed and now works with communities and volunteers across the state to provide comprehensive education. Joe's interest in engaging this issue came after caring for his own father at the end of his life and seeing the disconnect that often exists between the care people want and what they receive.

In celebration and memory...

In honor of the day and of our lost loved ones, we'll have our own secular memorial table. Please bring pictures of loved ones you'd like to memorialize and/or flowers, notes or other tributes. We will also have paper and art supplies where you can add the names of those whose lives you would like to commemorate.

with music from Andrew Kelsey

and Ian Dodd is doing his best

Introducing: Meredith Henderson and Matt Rockel as hosts!

Join us to find your seat at 11 am, and at 11:10 am, on the dot, we will have great talks, live music and secular celebration. Stick around afterward for coffee and, if you're still game, lunch at the Oinkster across the street.

Sunday Assembly is free of charge, and donations are gratefully accepted.

Everyone is welcome. Free childcare provided.

Free parking is available in our onsite parking lot, and street parking is also free on Sundays.

* Please note that our website is no longer accepting plus-ones for RSVPs. We ask that all adults RSVP individually or sign in at the Assembly. This ensures that you and your party can stay together while signing in, and it helps us improve our statistical data so we can keep working to improve the Sunday Assembly community. Thank you for your understanding. 


October 09, 2016 at 11:10am - 12:25pm
Professional Musicians Local 47
817 Vine St
Hollywood, CA 90038
United States
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    Hey all! Really excited to be co-hosting this month's Sunday Assembly with Matt Rockel! Going to be great and am really looking forward to it! Got the butterflies going and everything! Wish me luck!
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    Join up with Non-believers! Please RSVP: October 9th Sunday Assembly
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    July 10th Sunday Assembly
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    Please RSVP: July 10th #SundayAssembly - Death and Dying w/ Joe Barnes, Outreach Manager for Compassion & Choices CA
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